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Name:deth'Ruki hal'Luque
Location:United States of America
SPORTS: Track Team (Long Distance, Hurdles)

CLUBS: Poetry, Bible Study Group (for the ammunition)

IN SCHOOL: Snake in the grass. He is a charismatic ringleader in a group of goths he has believing in "The Dreaming Dark", a religion he developed and cultivated in his spare time. He knows it's bullshit, that's the point and be damned if he's going to stop. He has a stupid hatred for 'the preps' and 'jocks' and uses his small army to troll/harass them on a semi-regular basis. His grades are excellent, but his social skills outside his cult area a little lacking. Tact? What's that.

OUT OF SCHOOL: Born to a large rich family. Loaded and not paid enough attention to, just the way he likes it. Deth never hangs out with any of his little gothlings, viewing them all to be gullible pawns. A lot less outwardly 'look-at-me-i-am-beautiful' and a bit more 'fuck-off-peasant'. Bickers with his real friends, but is actually fiercely loyal once you're at that point.

OTHER: He doesn't buy his own con. Views high school as something to take over, use, and abuse for his own entertainment. He loves feeding ducks. Deth's thick hair is his pride and joy, which he wears long and in a high ponytail. He loaths his birth name with a firey passion, and refuses to acknowledge anyone who calls him that outside of his mother. (AKA terrifying beast far worse than he)
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